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Anonymous said:
weird question but why does it always show a different sidebar gif when i click on refresh? happy new year!

It’s on a random image script. :) 

Anonymous said:
do you know when the 2x13 is out in USA? I heard is in october :/

October 19th, it’s a Halloween-themed episode.

Anonymous said:
actually, I want to request a gif but it's not from pll episodes. would it be okay? :)

If it has to do with any of the cast, interviews and such, that’s fine! 

Anonymous said:
Why don't you answer your questions? I pretty sure you get lots!

I do get a lot and I just don’t want to spam my followers!

Generally if they are asking for help with something, I’ll answer them… and if they’re not anonymous then I usually reply back privately. But as I’ve said on my blog I do read every single one and I appreciate all the messages I get!

Anonymous said:
hey I really love your BG <3 but the thing is everytime I upload a BG to my theme it becomes tiled. How did you make them not tiled? Thnx before :) x

I hope this makes sense…

I just go into Customize and then into the themes HTML and I find where it says “background-image:url(‘image:background’); and I added this “background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; background-position: left bottom}” after it. You can change it to top right, top left, etc. :) 

how do i reblog your pictures? sorry:L everytime i cvlick on one to reblog it just goes back to the begginging? Love them though!! Welld one!:)xxxx

Either click on the notes or where it says how long ago I posted it.

Anonymous said:
could you please tell me what text you're using on your gifs? is it arial?

Helvetica Neue set to Bold Italic, or Tahoma.

Anonymous said:
do you think you could help me?
i keep trying to upload my gif on here, but whenever i do, it's just a simple jpeg and not a moving gif.
the requirements are okay, and when i upload it to other sites, it works fine.

It’s either more than 500px wide or the file size is more than 512kb… I don’t think there is any other reason why it wouldn’t work. :(

I always try save my GIF at about 495kb because sometimes it like magically goes over the limit even if I save it under just under the limit.

Anonymous said:
how do you make gifs with such good quality and not exceed to 500kb limit for them to load?


No, but i don’t know. I don’t think my gifs are that great of quality tbh. I just try to use darker colors (blacken the blacks in selective color) and freeze parts of the gif that don’t really matter. And sharpen some.

what video is the cheat, theif, fake, tramp thing from? the one where it's written on their faces.. could you link it please? :)